Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Review

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is a popular choice among those looking for a very reasonably priced yet high-quality kayak. ‘Plastic’ kayaks come with amazing features which can be expected from the Aruba 10 as well. So, let us take a deeper look at why model has made a name for itself.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak

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Pros Cons
 Lightweight  Average tracking
 Easy to control  Not for challenging waters
 Affordable for beginners

Build Quality

One of the most pressing concerns with kayaks is their durability and build quality. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 shines in this regard as it has excellent build quality with a very high durability rating. It is made from high-density polyethylene which makes it very light but also promotes its rugged nature. The Aruba 10 has no problems when encountering underwater obstacles such as sand and rocks.

Even if you manage to dent this kayak it’s nothing permanent or worrisome like in traditional hard shell models. Repairs can be carried out easily from the comfort of your home. Sun Dolphin throws in a 2-year warranty as well which covers any factory defects.


The Sundolphin is a compact, affordable kayak for beginners who want to get in on the water right away. It features an easy-to-use design and stable hull that make it perfect even for first-time paddlers or those with limited experience. It’s stable, inexpensive, and comes with planed hulls which promote better stability compared to the rounded hull of many high-end boats.

These flatter-style bottoms are not the best for gliding through water. They have more surface area to push through compared to a V-shaped hull, which can make a boat slow down! In order to increase the kayak’s glide, the designers added a semi-upswept pointed bow and stern. This allows for smoother and longer glides with less effort required on behalf of the paddler.


Do you know the best thing about shorter boats? You’re not constantly fighting lateral hull resistance when turning, unlike with longer vessels. Longer boats like Ocean Kayak Malibu 11 are better for tracking and gliding while short ones tend to handle better in tight turns under the waterline!

Aruba 10 is the second-most maneuverable boat in our test, outperforming boats of much higher quality. The reason for this could be that it’s not as long and narrow as other kayaks on the market. In our testing, we were able to spin it around 180 degrees smoothly with just two easy strokes!

The kayak’s angled bow helps it pierce through water and waves thanks to the flat hull. This feature, in combination with its small size, makes this boat a pleasure for all types of anglers!

Stability and Performance

Being a 10-foot kayak, the Aruba 10 delivers impressive performance in the water. This kayak has a narrow bow and stern which contributes to its confident tracking. The narrow bow also helps it ‘slice’ through the water instead of pushing against it, something which can upset the balance of the whole kayak. The polyethylene construction also gives it a very lightweight, which makes it easier to paddle and track. Beginners can take advantage of its 30” width which makes it quite stable and easy to learn on.

Most 10 foot kayaks make a compromise when it comes to loading capacity, with most rated for around 200 lbs of carrying capacity. The Aruba 10 is able to carry up to 250 lbs of weight which makes it suitable for larger adults as well. If you’re the type who has to have some gear on their kayak, then the Aruba 10 has you covered there as well. Not only does the 250 lbs weight capacity comes in handy here, but the kayak also features a storage compartment where you can store your gear without the fear of it getting wet!


One of the main advantages of polyethylene kayaks is their inherent portability which comes with their lack of weight. The Aruba 10 weighs a mere 40 lbs which means it can be carried with ease by adults. The 10-foot length also makes it easier to fit it on car-top carriers and the back of a truck.

This light and portable boat is perfect for people on the go. It’s lightweight, easy to carry with its carrying handles, and fits easily in your car if you choose not to use it while traveling!

If you’re looking for a light, non-inflatable boat that will serve as your entry point into the world of water sports and recreation without breaking your bank in order to get started, this is an excellent option.



The Aruba 10 also makes special considerations when it comes to the comfort of the rider. It features high back support which can make the seating position a bit more comfortable. There are also adjustable foot braces that help you to be more comfortable while paddling.

One con we found on the comfort front is that the seat of the Aruba 10 has no padding, which can contribute to discomfort in extended kayak sessions. The Sun Dolphin kayak includes an inbuilt water bottle holder, a bungee cord paddle holder, and handles on both the bow and stern for easy transport.

The footpeg braces provide a sturdy base for paddling, but the only downside is that you must reach under your cockpit and into the bottom of your feet to adjust them. This can be bothersome and difficult for larger paddlers, as it might knock them off while adjusting the balance.


The Aruba 10 is an excellent choice and a top kayak brand if you’re looking for a medium-sized kayak that’s also highly portable. It doesn’t provide the best tracking performance in water but that’s a compromise you should be able to make considering its size and price. It doesn’t handle rough waters exceptionally well and is more suited towards recreational activities on calmer waters. But for that purpose, it pretty much nails it.

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