Getaway Adventures

What do your typical weekdays comprise of? Hunched over your office desk, finding the best way to solving a new work challenge. Staying up late each day, making sure that your project is finished before the deadline. Carefully avoiding yourself from being part in office gossip. All of this can collectively contribute to some form of mental stress that can be difficult to trace at the start, but will start to show its symptoms with time.

The weekend provides the perfect opportunity to relieve yourself from the built-up stress of your busy work days. You can take part in outdoor activities that will help both your mental and physical health, and you’ll have fun in the process!

Here are some ways to enjoy the weekend indulging yourself in fun and healthy outdoor activities:


Getaway Adventures

Cycling is a fun and low-impact exercise that is easy to get started with. You simply need a bicycle and that’s it! Cycling does not require the rider to be in great physical shape, and can be enjoyed by nearly everyone out there. Ideally, you would be doing this every day in the form of commuting to-and-fro work. But if you’re unable to do so for whatever reason, it is a great activity that gets you out of the house on the weekends. Cycling carries a lot of benefits for most people. It gives you’re body a great workout and works nearly every major muscle group. Other than that, it can also help combat depression and anxiety, like any other form of exercise.


Getaway Adventures

Kayaking is an activity that involves the person paddling a floating craft through water. Like cycling, kayaking does not require a lot of physical investment and is suitable to be done by most people. The health benefits of kayaking are tremendous. These include an improvement in cardiovascular functions, muscle strength, strengthening of the ‘core’ and the legs. Kayaking does not adversely affect the wear and tear of joints since there is minimal physical strain on them. This activity offers a lot of flexibility to people as it can be carried out in nearly every water body including lakes, rivers and even seas. The upfront investment of buying a kayak is also quite low, especially if you’re buying a simple inflatable kayak. The possibilities of what can be done is endless. You can do yoga, fishing, racing with your friends or just enjoy a picnic while surrounded by water. This is great for both physical and mental health.

3. Hiking

Getaway Adventures

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Hiking is a great outdoor activity with the possibility of getting a great workout, experiencing beautiful views and improving your overall mental health! Although trail hiking can be an intimidating prospect for some, it can be done through effort. For beginners it is recommended to start on easier hiking tracks with small amounts of steepness. As you build strength in your legs and improve your stamina, you can gradually move on to proper hill trails that will really test your fitness. A good hike will really work you, so always have a bottle of water. Hiking is also great with a partner, as one can motivate the other when the going gets tough. All of this combined makes hiking a great opportunity to improve your physical health and socialize.

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