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Best Waterproof Backpacks 2021

Backpacks are the go-to luggage for globetrotters. If you have a backpack, you can explore without having to worry about carrying around your clothes in some heavy box that takes up all of your energy. That’s what makes it so liberating! They are not just convenient; they also let explorers experience more than they would […]

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Xero Shoes – Review 2021

If you’re looking for a pair of minimalist shoes for adventuring around the world or to wear exercising in your own backyard, then the Xero Shoes Prios should be on your radar. Xero Shoes come with an optional removable insole that drops from a 2mm cushion to practically nothing. The wrapped straps on the upper […]

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Best Dry Bags 2021

If you plan on going kayaking, canoeing, rafting, canyoning, snowboarding, or for any outdoor activity where your backpack items might get wet, then a dry bag is a must! A dry bag is like a flexible container that seals in a watertight manner. They are usually made out of water-resistant fabric, plastic, or plastic-covered fabric […]

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Best Four Person Tent 2021

Are you one of those people who love camping but are scared of setting up the perfect tents? Well, you have every right to be one of those. We all have had our share of horror stories of shattered poles, wavering rain flys, and scary nights in the wilderness. The good news is, you don’t […]

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Best Climbing Harness – 2021

Whether you’re top-roping in the gym or climbing an actual mountain, you’ll want the best harness for the job. In addition to being a vital part of every climber’s safety, harnesses offer varying levels of comfort, adjustment, organization, and weight. Our top picks for the best climbing harnesses of 2020 below highlight a diverse selection […]

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Best Backpacking Pillow 2021

For a cozy camping excursion, the best sleep system should comprise a comfortable sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and a comfy pillow that closely imitates your bed at home. While many people think that pillows are not that big of a deal, they can make a huge difference between sleeping comfortably the entire night or waking […]

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The Best Water Shoes – Review 2021

Water shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes designed to be worn during watersports such as kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, and paddleboarding. They are made of a lightweight material such as, mesh or neoprene that allows water to flow out and the rubber sole protects your feet while walking in wet or rocky environments. Not […]

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Thermo-Flask vs. Hydro-Flask

When going on an outdoor adventure it is necessary to choose the right water bottle. It’s a plus if your water bottle is insulated and reusable. Thermo-flask and Hydro-Flask are two such companies that produced customized water bottles for outdoor adventures. As per your needs, one bottle might be better than the other.  Thermo-Flasks A […]

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