Best Waterproof Backpacks 2021

Backpacks are the go-to luggage for globetrotters. If you have a backpack, you can explore without having to worry about carrying around your clothes in some heavy box that takes up all of your energy. That’s what makes it so liberating! They are not just convenient; they also let explorers experience more than they would while carrying cumbersome suitcases on their backs or pulling them behind themselves like an overgrown toddler dragging his favorite toy across the floor. Backpackers get to have fun feeling light as air and carefree when it comes time to explore new places far from home because these bags make life easier no matter where one goes.

So, get your dry stuff back from the wet with a waterproof backpack. Rain or shine, city streets or mountain blizzards – any weather condition can lead to getting soaked and potentially ruining all of our electronics as well as other valuables in tow. Keep yourself safe and sound by investing wisely in this clever little gadget that will make sure you never get caught up again!

An effective waterproof backpack can protect everything inside it from water damage, leaks, and spillages by using fabrics such as nylon ripstop reinforced at critical seams to repel moisture, including the sweat from our bodies.

Things to Consider before Buying a Waterproof Backpack

What kind of protection do you need from your backpack?

Do not settle for a waterproof pack that doesn’t suit all the needs in life. The best way to find out if it will protect everything is by reading reviews and questions, then making an educated decision before buying one!

waterproof backpacks

1) Size

A backpack is a bag that you wear on your back and can carry everything from clothes to school supplies. You’ll need one if you want the ease of carrying all your stuff in one place with minimal effort, but it’s important to find something lightweight so as not to be weighed down or slowed by bulky weight. There are plenty of different types out there for any size budget or occasion: daypacks, weekend packs, multi-day bags…even full-sized ones too!

A waterproof backpack comes in the following sizes:

  • Daypacks usually range from 20- to 35-liter capacity and are designed to carry an extra layer of clothing, water, food, and essentials for days out both at home and away.
  • Weekend backpacks range from around 40- to 50-liter capacity and offer you much-needed extra space to stow sleeping bags, toiletries, and extra clothing. These are suitable for a few nights away, or as an addition to your daypack.
  • Multi-day backpacks offer 50- to 70-liters of backpack volume and come with harnesses to help carry the extra weight of enough gear to last you up to a week.
  • Expedition backpacks are heftier, heavier, and designed for full-on adventures. Offering 70- to 95-liter capacity, as well as lots of options for additional storage space, these are perfect for around the world adventures.

2) Weight

When it comes to choosing your backpack, make sure that the weight is not too heavy for you. 20% of body weight should be a good guideline when packing up for a backpacking trip while 10% would suffice if all one needed was something lightweight and comfortable enough to carry around on their shoulders during day hiking trips.

Rule number 1 with using any kind of backpack really goes into how much they weigh in comparison to our own bodies, which means we need them weighing as little as possible so our backs don’t hurt us more than necessary!

3) Straps

The first thing you need to know when buying a backpack is that there are so many different ways of carrying it. There are shoulder straps, shoulder straps, and sternum straps. The question then becomes: what am I doing with this bag? If I’m hiking or going on long walks, an oversized pack will probably be best for me because the bigger packs have more support options. Plus they often come equipped with things like water bottles holders which can help make my hike go smoother by not having to constantly stop and refill at streams along the way!

If I just want something lightweight but still big enough for school books in order to keep them off my desk while studying; try looking into backpacks specifically designed as book bags. As a basic review, a waterproof backpack has the following kinds of carrying options:

  • Backpack Straps — The most recognizable of all baggage handles, backpack straps sit across your shoulders and are simply designed to hold the pack against your body
  • Sternum Straps — Designed to help distribute the weight of the backpack and prevent the shoulder straps from sliding off of your arms when moving
  • Shoulder Straps — Not to be confused with backpack straps, despite them both being carried on the shoulder, this long, single strap is used to carry the backpack horizontally (think gym bags and shopping totes) and is useful for moving quickly
  • Carry Handles — Vital for quick grabs and careful throwing, when you may need to move your backpack quickly to get it out of the way, throw it into the trunk of a car, or pick it up from the luggage carousel

4) Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

Many manufacturers may claim that their backpacks will survive the heaviest of downpours they are actually just water-resistant and not entirely waterproof. Be aware, as this means the difference between damp clothes or a waterlogged laptop! Waterproof bags can be made from nylon with silicone, acrylic, or polyurethane coating to keep your gear safe no matter how long it takes on land or at sea!

5) Material

Waterproof bags are usually made from nylon. Nylon fabric is impressively water-resistant but it can be enhanced with a waterproof coating for guaranteed protection against wet conditions. Bags made out of PVC vinyl and rubber also offer excellent protection against water damage when in contact with moisture because they are not as porous to liquid-like other fabrics such as cotton canvas that hold onto liquids too easily and cause them to seep through even when coated thoroughly in another layer of material (e.g., polyurethane).

Top 15 Best Waterproof Backpacks of 2021

1) FE Activebest waterproof bags

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Pros Cons
Comfortable shoulder straps Not a lot of extra pockets
Lightweight Does not have good airflow
Perfect for any in-water activity

The FE Active backpack is versatile, durable, and waterproof. The bag has all the features that you would want in an everyday pack: Good shoulder straps, front buckles for organization, side pockets to store your water bottle or cell phone securely close by. But most importantly it’s also built from high-quality materials ensuring durability – who wants their favorite backpack ripping apart after only one year? With its lightweight design combined with good back support, this handy daypack will be sure to last many years of use!

2) FENGDONGbest waterproof backpack

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Pros Cons
Lightweight and breathable Not aesthetic
One large storage compartment & multiple small pockets

If you’re looking for a backpack that features both comfort and convenience, then the FENGDONG bag is perfect. It’s designed with mesh-style straps to reduce weight and includes extra padding on top of its comfortable shoulder straps–perfect if your next destination involves any kind of outdoor activity! The large compartment will allow enough space for all necessities while additional pockets can be used as storage areas when items need to be organized even more effectively. Lastly, this pack has an airy design which makes it exceptionally breathable during long days outdoors or in less than ideal weather conditions so don’t forget about it come rain or shine!

3) ZOMAKEwaterproof backpack

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Pros Cons
Highly versatile design Doesn’t have ample storage

The ZOMAKE backpack is an ultra-lightweight, waterproof bag that can double as a hiking pack. It features one main compartment and two zipped front pockets that are perfect for storing other essential items like your camera or phone. The exterior of the bag also has external attachment points meaning you’re not limited to how it’s used — making this a versatile piece in any wardrobe!

The best way to find peace while on vacation is by staying organized with our lightweight design backpack featuring 2 side pockets & 1 internal pocket where you’ll store all those small essentials you need handy – whether it be water bottles, snacks, sunglasses, or anything else at hand without worrying about them falling out during transit.

4) Acrodo Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag

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Pros Cons
Great waterproof protection Not many additional pockets

The Acrodo Dry Bag is the ultimate backpack for any water-based sport or activity like kayaking, boating, or swimming. Its uniqueness stems from its high-quality waterproof system that keeps your stuff dry no matter what happens to it! It also has a floating feature so if you ever forget about where you put your bag and find yourself on an underwater adventure once again don’t worry – Your belongings will be safe in this beast of a waterproof pack.

5) Venture PalBackpack Daypack

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Pros Cons
Comfortable straps Flimsy zippers
Many pockets

If you’re looking for a backpack that provides comfort and convenience, the Venture Pal 40L Backpack is perfect. The shoulder straps are made of mesh for increased breathability and there’s additional padding to help prevent discomfort while carrying heavier loads. There are also lots of pockets so your belongings will remain organized! In addition to being comfortable with an eye-catching design, this bag has all the features necessary in order to make traveling easier than ever before – it’ll keep your items organized without sacrificing space or weight capacity!

The Ventures Pal 40L Backpack is one excellent choice if maximizing durability, keeping items secure from theft as well as optimizing versatility on adventures abroad are among priorities during purchasing decisions when investing in new outdoor gear like backpacks. Moreover, the Venture backpack is one of the most reliable and comfortable backpacks you can find. The high-quality materials ensure it will last, while its waterproof features keep your things safe in any weather condition! If that’s not enough to convince you, they also offer 30 days for a refund or warranty coverage up to 1 year—that’s pretty hard to beat!

6) Mengal Packable BackpackBackpack Daypack

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Pros Cons
Lightweight Water-resistant and not waterproof
Build from high-quality polyester so lasts longer

The Mengal Water-Resistant Packable Backpack 35L is the perfect bag for any kind of trip. The backpack can fit every essential that comes to mind and it’s also great as a shopping bag or schoolbag! It has an adjustable strap so you don’t have to worry about your backpack not fitting – no matter what size person uses this pack, they will always be able to use it comfortably because of its adjustability. Made from high-quality materials like polyester fabric with PVC coating makes these water-resistant backpacks are long-lasting (lasting up to 10 years) which means less time worrying about replacing faulty bags again and again in today’s fast-paced world where gear needs updating all the time.

The Mengal Water-Resistant Packable Backpack 35L is a perfect gift for anyone and it can be used on many different occasions. This water-resistant backpack not only has an affordable price tag but also comes at the right size to bring comfort during daily tasks and with additional pockets, this backpack provides more space than other backpacks that cost twice as much or even three times as much!

7) MARCHWAY Waterproof Dry Bag

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Pros Cons
Lightweight Not large enough to handle all of your hiking gear
Floating design

If you’re searching for a lightweight and durable waterproof backpack that is mainly designed for hiking purposes. Search no more because the MARCHWAY Floating Dry Waterproof Bag is just the right one for you! It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or snowing, your clothes will stay dry with this bag around your shoulders. Made from high-quality materials and incredible water protection, this pack contains 12 different color options to match everyone’s style of preference (as well as 5L/10L single shoulder straps) so they can get out there exploring their natural surroundings worry free!

MARCHWAY Floating Dry Waterproof Bag is the only watertight backpack on the market! It provides additional comfort and protects your stuff from getting wet. This product has a 4.7 out of 5-stars review and could be counted as one of the best picks on the market in its price range.

8) Outdoormaster Backpack

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Pros Cons
Lightweight The exterior pocket does not have a zip
Decent airflow and breathability Rain cover must be removed when you get items from the main compartments
Large capacity

The Outdoormaster Hiking Backpack With Waterproof Rain Cover is the perfect bag to bring with you on any adventure, hiking or not. The backpack may be waterproof in itself but it also has a rain cover that will keep your belongings safe from water damage if anything gets wet outside of the pack. This large-capacity bag can store all your necessities for an outdoor trip including tech parts and electronics; while biking through town, at school, or even just hanging out around home this amazing piece goes everywhere!

OutdoorMaster is the perfect backpack for any hiker. This bag has a big space to fit all of your gear, and comes with an extra comfortable back so you can get out on that adventure without feeling sore! The Outdoor Master also features two different design options: one in classic black or another in hot pink color. So no matter what kind of hiking trip you are going on, this pack will have everything covered – literally!

9) Vitchelo

Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

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Pros Cons
Lightweight Side pockets are quite small
Waterproof protection

The Vitchelo 30L bag is perfectly suitable for any kind of water-based activities such as kayaking and boating. And, you can also be used for trekking and camping. One of the best things about this bag is construction. It contains high-quality materials like a vinyl tarpaulin which allows users to use the backpack in wet conditions without having their equipment damaged by moisture or humidity while still being able to keep everything safe inside with an excellent waterproof system that will restrict any water accesses into your equipment before they even reach you at all! Alongside these nice features, the pack comes equipped with extra mesh-designed pockets so you can fit more gear efficiently throughout your journeys because what’s not good about amazing comfort?

This bag has a fantastic look while being highly water-resistant. Durability is its strongest pursuit. It’s definitely one of the best options.

10) IDRYBAG Backpack

IDRYBAG Waterproof Dry Bag

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Pros Cons
Aesthetically pleasing Not very durable
Multi-purpose design

Idrybag is a new generation of backpacks that have come to the table. It comes with a sleek and smooth design and comfortable straps, making your trips more relaxing! What’s more? Unique features include internal & external pockets for all your personal belongings as well as flashlights or knives on hand-reach in the exterior pocket – perfect for any outdoor activity!

In general, if you are looking for a bag with features like being appealing and also quite convenient then I would not recommend any other type than an IDRYBAG backpack; they provide various ways to store all sorts of things which can help keep everything organized too – or at least more so than before! In regards to weightiness, this product does fall on the lighter side in comparison but still retains many great qualities due largely from looked-over aspects such as comfortability. The IDRYBAG backpack has the best of both worlds: it is attractive and comfortable. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around wherever you go, no matter how far away that may be because its storage options make organizing your stuff simple as well!

11) Sea to Summit

Dry Waterproof Backpack

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Pros Cons
Portable No sweat-stopper
UV resistant Roll-top could have more room for another fold
Customizable straps and supports Expensive

Sea to Summit has designed a dry bag that is as capable of carrying 60 liters in a waterproof backpack with hiking straps. Hikers know lugging around anything more than 50L through waterfalls or storms can be immense pain, so Sea to Summit’s Hydraulic Dry Pack 65L offers up all the hallmarks of a premium product at an affordable price. We tested it out and found this innovative piece worthy enough for inclusion among their renowned line-up!

12) TOURIT Bag

Backpack Waterproof

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Pros Cons
Leak-proof  Zippers are laborious to operate with
Highly durable
Eye-catching look

This is the perfect backpack for you if you’re looking to pack a lot and want an attractive design. The TOURIT bag has one large compartment with enough space for all your stuff, whereas 2 other compartments on top are there just in case! It’s also leak-proof so that it doesn’t get wet or damaged by any spills along the way–and built from soft materials so it feels comfortable against your back during long hikes. Furthermore, this amazing backpack comes with lifetime warranty protection against defects as well as a 30-day return policy should anything happen to go wrong before then.

13) Skog Pro Bag

Skog Å Kust BackSåk Pro Waterproof Floating

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Pros Cons
Airtight and waterproof  Expensive
Highly durable
Ample space

The Skog Pro Backpack is one of the best choices for adventure seekers. It can be used in any kind of outdoor activity, such as hiking and camping. The bag features a large compartment with two inner pockets to keep your equipment sorted out and easily accessible–plus it comes with a built-in handle and detachable shoulder strap so you’ll have easy transportability no matter what environment you’re going into! Thanks to its airtight seal that provides waterproof protection, all the contents are kept clean & dry even if they come in contact with rain or snow on the outside!

The heavy-duty backpack will make every adventurer’s dream come true: whether exploring new territory during hikes; enjoying nature while camping outdoors; kayaking through rivers without worrying about carrying so much stuff with yourself!

14) TOPSKY Sports Backpack

TOPSKY Sports Waterproof

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Pros Cons
Exceptional waterproof protection Might not be the most comfortable backpack
Highly durable
Ample space

The TOPSKY Sports Backpack is a great option if you are headed to the mountain’s peak. This backpack has a storage capacity that no other on this list can boast of and it will allow for all kinds of outdoor activities without any issues, making its uniqueness very clear. The downside may be how heavy or burdensome carrying around so many items in one bag could feel because these things don’t come cheap!

15) Miggo Agua Versa Backpack
waterproof backpack

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Pros Cons
Attractive design Expensive
Waterproof protection Not designed for heavy hiking equipment
Ample space

You don’t have to choose between traveling and working when you’re learning how to pack a backpack like the Miggo Agua Versa Backpack. This durable, waterproof bag has well-designed compartments for your tech gear such as laptops, cameras, tablets – even wet clothes! It’s exceptionally comfortable with additional storage space that can be utilized in various ways depending on what type of trip or adventure is planned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are backpacks waterproof?

Do you know that not all backpacks are waterproof, but some can be? A waterproof backpack can go into the water without getting wet. Many backpacks are made of waterproof materials but they may not be waterproof. Beware, because some backpacks may only be water-resistant rather than waterproof.

Do I need a waterproof backpack?

Yes, definitely, because a waterproof backapck will protect your clothes, your electronic gadgets, your laptop, and your other valuables from water that guarantees protection against the dampest of conditions.

What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant backpacks?

Waterproof backpacks are generally made of nylon and are coated in silicone, acrylic, or polyurethane to make sure that there are no water leaks through the layers. Once they are coated, these bags are built to keep your gear safe even when submerged in water.

Water-resistant backpacks can provide varying degrees of protection depending on the single thread count. These backpacks have the ability to sustain drizzling, but plain nylon will not be able to keep your stuff dry if you are in a rainstorm.

What should I consider when buying a waterproof backpack?

All waterproof backpacks offer identical levels of protection. If you want to be certain that your belongings will be safe, consider the following before you commit:

  • Size and capacity
  • Weight
  • Carrying options
  • Waterproof vs. water-resistant
  • Material and durability
  • Comfort
  • Color
  • Seams and closures


Wet weather, accidental soakings, and even the occasion submersion need not be anything to worry about anymore. A waterproof backpack is rugged and durable with an outer layer that guards you against any surprises of getting caught up in a rainstorm or accidentally soaking yourself while having fun outside – but make sure you understand the difference between waterproof and water-resistant, though, to ensure that you avoid any nasty surprise!

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