The Best Places to Kayak

When it comes to kayaking, there are a lot of amazing places that you can go to. Whether you want to enjoy beautiful views, grueling waters or just want to add that extra little bit of fun to an adventure trip, there are a lot of options. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best destinations from around the world to go kayaking!

1. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island offers a tremendous opportunity for kayak enthusiasts who also happen to be admirers of the great marine life. The northern coast of the beautiful island will allow you to kayak alongside the majestic orcas. This is certain to be a thrilling experience for anyone out there. Even without the orcas, Vancouver Island is a great destination for kayaking because it has a lot of tiny islands, protected water, and just a general sense of remoteness which will increase your sense of adventure.

2. The Amazon

Best places to kayak
The Amazon rainforest is beautiful, albeit formidable place, home to wide variety of unique wildlife. Kayaking is a popular way of exploring this rainforest and is always a recommended experience even for people who have never ridden a kayak. This is truly a remote place with little to no creature comforts. The extreme climate of the rainforest, coupled with the chance of running into some dangerous species of snake makes this a place for the courageous. If you’re a serious adventurer and want a grueling experience, the Amazon rainforest is just the place to go to.

3. Sermilik Fjord, Greenland

best places to kayak
The Sermilik Fjord provides calm waters and bearable weather in the summer for you to kayak around in. You will regularly see icebergs floating in the water that have broken from the ice sheet. This is sure to be a unique experience as you paddle through a maze of ice blocks with the possibility of spotting whales and sales.

4. Milford Sound, New Zealand

best places to kayak
Rudyard Kipling described Milford Sound as the eighth wonder of the world. And with good reason too. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Surrounded by lush green mountains, it provides a great view for any person who wishes to go and kayak in the calm waters of this amazing place. If you don’t have a kayak at hand, don’t worry. One of New Zealand’s biggest kayak operators offers guided tours of Milford Sound’s waters on kayaks.

5. Dalmation Coast, Croatia

best place to kayak

If you happen to be in Europe, be sure to check out Croatia’s Dalmation Coast for one of the best kayak spots in the world. The water’s crystal clear and beautiful, the weather in summers is hot, and there are a lot of nearby coves to paddle to and explore. The beach might seem quite crowded but you can find yourself a nice private spot in the sea.

6. Hebrides, Scotland

best places to kayak
If you’re a fan of kayaking in colder weather, then Hebrides in Scotland might be the destination you should head to. This is one of the remotest areas of the United Kingdom, so you’ll be escaping the hustle bustle of busy beaches as well. The waters are crystal clear and those who have been to the Caribbean will be reminded of the beautiful water there.

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