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Do you know what the worst part of kayaking is? Locking away your favorite kayak until the next season comes up! While you wait for your next adventure to start, make sure to keep your kayak safe. Why? There are a million reasons! For example, exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays will eventually fade your kayak. Also, many creepy crawlies may make a home in your kayak – giving you a nasty surprise the next time you get in! And yes, rain. Do you really want to get into a wet and moldy seat? We don’t either! So stay free from all these issues and invest in one of the best kayak covers to keep your kayak safe.

GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover

Gymtop kayak cover

Check GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover on Amazon

First up in our list of the best kayak covers is the GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover. With raving customer reviews and overall satisfied buyers, this cover is bound to be a safe investment.

GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover is made of 300D Oxford Taffet.

300D Oxford Taffet is:

  • Sturdy and durable polyester material that is UV resistant and waterproof
  • Sun-reflecting and lightweight
  • Designed to protect your kayak from snow, rain, dust, wind
  • Fade-resistant – perfect for surviving extended amounts of time outside in the sun

Key Features:

  • Incorporates the latest Double Seal Line Technology.
  • The seams are sewn by hand into a double seal line, making it extra snug and rip-proof.
  • Excellent for off-season storage or as a quick cover on the beach or in the backyard.
  • It provides an elastic bungee cord for easy, safe and convenient securing of the cover.
  • This closing tool is adjustable for kayaks of 7.8ft-18ft length.
  • One of the best features of this cover is that you get more than what you pay for! The entire package includes: 1 kayak cover, 1 Drawstring Bag, and 3 Adjustable Bandages, all included with no extra cost!
  • The drawstring bag can keep the cover when it is not in use, making it easier to store and carry.
  • The 3 flexible bandages add an extra layer of protection when it is stored.
  • The total length of the additional bandages can reach 4 feet. Making it possible to adjust it according to your kayak’s size. It comes in numerous sizes and is suitable for 7 Sizes of Kayaks or Boats.

Suitable for 7sizes of kayaks or canoes: (2.6-3m/7.8-9ft), (3.1-3.5m/9.3-10.5ft), (3.6-4m/10.8-12ft), (4.1-4.5m/12.3-13.5ft), (4.6-5m/13.8-15ft), (5.1-5.5m/15.3-16.5ft), (5.6-6m/16.8-18ft)

There are many positive reviews for GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover, but some customers also complained that the cover got brittle after too much exposure to the sun. The product does not come with any warranty to deal with such issues and problems.

With this being said, customers’ overall satisfaction is relatively high, and most customers recommend it.

Richermall 2.6m-6m Kayak Canoe Storage Dust Cover

Richermall kayak cover

Check Richermall 2.6-6m Kayak Canoe Storage Dust Cover on Amazon

A close second in our list of the best kayak covers comes a prevalent choice — the Richermall 2.6m-6m Kayak Canoe Storage Dust Cover by GYMTOP.

  • It is made from a 210D durable Oxford Taffeta material which comes with the standard dust, grime, water, sun repellent qualities. The Richermall does a fantastic job of keeping everything big and small off of your kayak!
  • The waterproof and sunray reflecting material offers excellent protection in all weather conditions
  • The polyester material makes it durable

Key Features:

  • Our research suggests its price is one of the most compelling reasons for its popularity. While being definite value for money, it is a little more expensive than the previous GYMTOP cover. Although, if you are looking to invest in a cover that will give you the most bang for your buck, the Richermall should be an ideal option.
  • The Richermall kayak storage cover is a good all-in-one solution. From protecting your kayak from the elements of nature to keeping it safe from critters.  Although, it is essential to note the cover doesn’t seal water out from the bottom.
  • It is an excellent Easy On and Off Solution – The elastic drawstring makes sure that the kayak can be covered and uncovered easily. Once the cover is in place, it will fit snugly onto the kayak when the string is pulled. No one wants surprise appearances by bugs and spiders during water trips which have crawled into the covers!
  • Additionally, it will be able to perform admirably in moderate rain and sun. However, it might not be the best option for people residing in areas of extreme temperature fluctuations and conditions.

Things to look out for:


  • Moderate Weather Conditions: For example, in places where it rains heavily, the water will pool in the low spots of the kayak on the cover but will not penetrate. However, in areas where heavy snow is likely, it might penetrate and damage the kayak because of the snow’s weight. Similarly, if it is exposed to moderate sunshine, the cover will do its job well. However, it might fade during brutal and aggressive summers and become brittle after constant and continued exposure.
  • Short Term Solution: So, if you belong to an area where the weather is not moderate, the item may survive one or two seasons of use but not more. If you are okay with a short-term solution and don’t mind repurchasing a cover after a few years, the Richermall will work for you.
  • Fitting Accuracy: It is considerably looser than expected. So if you would prefer a compact and snug wrap, please check the kayak size. Choose a smaller size if you could for a more fitting cover. Unlike the other GYMTOP cover, it does not include a drawstring bag or extra straps. It does, however, come with an elastic cord that makes it easy to mount and use by one person alone.

Available in a multitude of sizes ranging from 2.6-3m/7.8-9ft, 3.1-3.5m/9.3-10.5ft, 3.6-4m/10.8-12ft, 4.1-4.5m/12.3-13.5ft,4.6-5m/13.8-15ft, 5.1-5.5m/15.3-16.5ft, 5.6-6m/16.8-18ft.

Ultimately, if you want one of the best kayak covers at a price that might as well be a bargain, this product is worth considering. It can fit into many different sizes of kayaks. It is considerably sturdy and comes with the most basic safety features that anyone needs for an efficient cockpit kayak cover. From the size options to the affordability factor, there’s a lot to love about this cover. And, we are confident that it is the best kayak cover in this price.

iCOVER Kayak Cover

icover kayak cover

Check iCover Kayak Cover on Amazon

iCOVER is a well-reputed kayak cover brand that makes some of the most well-designed kayak storage covers available in the market. The iCOVER storage cover is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their watercraft and equipment safe all year round.

  • The cover will not break or tear very quickly. Its seams are sewn with reinforced stitching, which will last for years of outdoor use.
  • It is made with 600/300 Denier PU coated Marine Grade waterproof fabric.
  • It is also tear-resistant, U.V resistant, ensuring all-weather protection.
  • This product is masterfully designed to eliminate the possibility of tears and rips.

Key Features:

  • This kayak cover is the first on our list that comes with a zip design – making it more of a kayak bag than a cover. The zipper is almost halfway long; you can simply slide in your kayak or canoe and zip it for complete coverage and excellent protection from the elements; no more worries about rain, snow, spiders, leaves, etc. A much easier closing solution as opposed to the alternative drawstring closure options.
  • It comes with a sturdy and convenient strap handle sewn at each end of the cover, which makes the kayak much easier to handle once it’s covered. This feature is included for added comfort and accessibility.
  • Also, like the first GYMTOP cover, this iCOVER option comes with a convenient storage bag included in the cost. The cover can be easily folded and packed in the storage bag when it is not in use, keeping it safe and handy.
  • A great added benefit of this iCOVER cover is that it comes with a warranty, unlike some of the other options on the list. So, if you prefer buying products that come with some sort of guarantee, this would be the best kayak cover for you! iCOVER offers a one-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. A dream come true for those wanting after-sales benefits!


  • Lastly, this product is available in three different sizes. Kayaks up to 10 feet long and a width up to 27 inches are provided by the smallest size. Then there’s a version that can handle up to 13 feet long and 30 inches wide kayaks. Lastly, the largest size can fit up to 16-foot long and 36-inch wide kayaks.

Things to look out for:

  • Even though the company claims that it is also completely waterproof and resistant to mildew. Many users complained of it not being able to keep water out during harsh rains.
  • Once it’s filled with water, it is difficult to get the water out and to dry it entirely while not damaging the kayak in the process.
  • So, if you live in an area more prone to heavy rainfall and plan to not store your kayak under a roof, this cover might not provide adequate protection for the kayak.

We recommend this cover for continued outdoor storage. The I iCOVER cover is a stylish choice for a range of kayak sizes. The strengthened zipper covers the bag’s most vulnerable cockpit region and makes it longer lasting. Plus, the fabric is reinforced at all the seams and includes har tacks at any potential stress points. The iCOVER kayak cover can be zipped into an easy-to-carry bag when not in use, making it one of the best kayak covers when it comes to versatility and longevity.

Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Kayak/Canoe Outdoor Storage Cover

classic storm pro kayak cover

Check Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-duty Kayak/Canoe Storage Cover on Amazon

Designed for extra toughness and safety at all times, this cover provides it all! You don’t just get a cover when you buy a Classic Accessories boat cover; you get peace of mind.

  • The cover is made of 600D Polyester.
  • The material will not stretch and will remain in good shape overtime.
  • It also incorporates fabric coating technology for maximum water repellency, UV protection, mildew resistance, and all-weather protection.
  • It provides the user with multiple benefits in the cost of a single cover.
  • For maximum water repellency and all-weather protection, it is best to store kayak/canoe with the cover upside down or on its side so that water does not enter through the zipper.

Key Features:

  • This storage cover is another example of a zip-up cover. It uses zips to keep your kayak safe and dry instead of a drawstring to secure the cover around your kayak.
  • StormPro has dual zipper capabilities and a locking mechanism in place for an added element of security if you plan to leave your kayak unattended while traveling. The company does not, however, provide the lock; one must purchase it separately.
  • It comes in a full-cut design to allow extra room for accessories such as paddles and life vests. This feature comes in handy if you are an adventurer that has many other kayak accessories and want one cover to protect all of them together.
  • It also comes with a stuff sack, that one can put the cover in when it is not in use.
  • Unlike many other options on the market and our list, this cover comes with a 5-year hassle-free warranty. Perfect for people who like to be able to contact the company if items do not perform well or are not of a reasonable standard.
  • The StormPro comes with several sturdy handles conveniently placed, providing the user with ease of handling and transportation. However, it is amongst some of the more expensive options on our list. Investing in a StormPro will be beneficial for people storing their kayaks under a covered area outside.

Things to look out for:

  • However, the company has posted several cautions and warnings for users to beware of when they purchase the cover.
  • This cover, for example, does not support rooftop travel and is not intended for this purpose. If a kayak is transported in the cover, the cover may rip or tear.

This cockpit cover is a great option for those with a kayak that’s right around, or a little larger than 12 feet because it only comes in 2 sizes which are A: Up to 12′ L and B: 12-16′

Conclusively, it might not be suitable for those paddlers who are leaving it out in the open, without a shed or roof, because the fabric though waterproof is porous and susceptible to water-logging in conditions of extreme rain or snow. This is because it does not have protective neoprene or tarp under the fabric which can keep water out.

Maymii 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft Durable Kayak Cover

maymii kayak cover

Check Maymii 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft Durable Kayak Cover on Amazon

For the paddler who loves to stand out! Express yourself by investing in the Maymii cover. This is by far the most customizable and attractive kayak cover on our list. With numerous color and design options to pick from. This cover is ideal for those paddlers who want more stylish options that have a certain appeal and allure. Unlike the other boring grey covers that are not as pleasing to the eye.

The MAYMII kayak cover is one of the market’s best-selling kayak covers right now because it’s inexpensive and it works like a dream.

  • Made of 210D durable oxford taffeta.
  • It is comfortable to touch and does a fantastic job of protecting your kayak from rays of dust, dirt, and UV.
  • Thanks to its elastic, shape-fitting nature, it is one of the simplest kayak covers to put on a kayak.

Things to look out for:

  • Even though this cover does provide the standard UV resistance and waterproof qualities, the company advises users to not expose the cover to extreme sunshine for a long period to increase the product’s life.

Moreover, it is available in 7 sizes, and is most likely to fit a variety of canoe or kayak sizes well. The sizes include: 2.6-3m/7.8-9ft, 3.1-3.5m/9.3-10.5ft, 3.6-4m/10.8-12ft, 4.1-4.5m/12.3-13.5ft, 4.6 -5m/13.8-15ft, 5.1-5.5m/15.3-16.5ft, 5.6-6m/16.8-18ft.

Lastly, if you are looking for a cover that does the job while extremely inexpensive, this is a great option. This company’s many different designs and color options serve as the icing on the cake. If you want one of the best storage covers for kayaks in terms of aesthetics and aesthetic quality, this should be your top choice.

Danuu Deluxe Kayak Storage Cover

Danuu kayak cover

Check Danuu Deluxe Kayak Storage Cover on Amazon

Shown regularly to be the best in their class Danuu covers are the perfect solution for outdoor storage and travel safety. Just place it over your craft and fasten the straps for a custom fit. Perfect for kayaks, surf skis, rowing shells, outriggers, and more!

  • Danuu Kayak Covers prolong your craft’s life by shielding it against harmful UV rays and elements!
  • Danuu covers are extremely durable and convenient to use.
  • Moreover, the covers are water-repellent and made of lightweight fabric with high-tech meshing.

Key Features:

  • For added longevity and efficiency, the company puts in place no metal parts that rust.
  • While keeping in mind its tough intended purpose, the cover comes ready with reinforced seams and cross stitching at all pressure points, so that it can withstand tugging and pulling while in use. A great local option for all adventure seekers out there.
  • A unique design involving an attached FlagBag adds to the safety aspect while transporting the kayak. It also doubles as a convenient storage option for the cover while the kayak is in use.
  • For kayakers that appreciate warranties, this kayak cover comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects! Hence, if you feel like the kayak is not up to the mark, one can easily contact the company in case of any defective complaints.
  • Overall, this kayak cover’s rip-stop polyester fabric cover with reinforced seams makes it a long-lasting option capable of withstanding years of use. Its open-hull design simply slides over the top of the kayak, allowing dirt and sand on the hull to escape. While its middle straps secure the cover to the boat; it comes equipped with perimeter drawstring and long straps that adjust the fit the kayak

With a wide variety of sizes available (from 9′ to 26′ in lengths & 41″ to 56″ in Widths), it is sure to fit the largest or most compact kayaks in the market.

Team XgearHub believes that this is a thoughtfully and cleverly designed kayak cover for a reasonable price. So, while you can cinch it up and keep it well attached to your boat, it may not precisely conform to your specific boat for a glove fit. For a snugger fit, there are other options to fulfill that need in our list. However, this is a great contender in its price range.

Check out the video below to see it yourself!

Mexidi 8.5-19.7ft Professional Waterproof Camouflage Kayak Storage Cover

mexidi kayak cover

Check Mexidi 8.5-19ft Professional Waterproof Camouflage Kayak Storage Cover on Amazon

For those who want an affordable option that offers a great level of protection, this is another one of the best kayak covers.

The Mexidi Storage Cover is useful in the sense that it will not only keep the canoe dry but on those hot summer days, it will shield the canoe from harmful UV rays from the sun. Made of waterproof polyester, when the rain starts to beat down, you won’t have to worry about leaving your kayak or canoe outdoors.

Key Features:

  • The price of this product is probably one of its most attractive features. Coming at a price which may cause some to even question the quality, this feature alone shouldn’t scare you off. Just don’t expect this to entirely cover your kayak. If you are aware of this, the price is less of a concern.
  • This Mexidi twist on the classic design of the drawstring storage cover is both practical and attractive. It looks great and has all you need to keep your kayak safe and secure. The inside is shiny silver with a variety of colors available for the outer side of the case.

This is one of the best kayak covers when you’re looking for a low-cost alternative!

This cover comes in 7 distinct sizes to suit most shapes, sizes, and styles of kayaks. Kayaks that are between 8.5 and 9 feet long are the smallest size. The manufacturer’s longest kayak covers will fit kayaks between 18.4 and 19.7 feet long.

Overall, we believe that while satisfactory, the protective characteristics of this cover are slightly lacking. Although the sections covering the kayak are completely waterproof, as it is not sealed, the bottom can still leak water inside. So, if you are looking for a simple cover with basic protection, this should be right on the money; however, try another alternative in our list for a tougher option.

Best Marine Kayak Cover Accessories for Indoor/Outdoor Storage

best marine kayak cover

Check Best Marine Kayak Cover Accessories for Indoor/Outdoor Storage on Amazon

Designed to protect your kayak’s color from the UV rays of the sun and keep it free from debris and water, the 210D oxford polyester cover is one of the best in the market.

Key Features:

  • This company distinguishes itself from its competitors on the market by claiming that their covers fit all kayak’s snugly and tightly. No more extra material hassle. No more worries about incorrect sizing. The company simply advises users to measure their kayak and buy the corresponding size from their options.
  • Their wrap-around buckles and drawstring bungee design allow users to tighten the cover snug around their kayak. They also provide a replacement if the cover doesn’t fit right, another key feature that many kayakers appreciate and value.

Things to look out for:

  • One must make sure that water does not puddle or pool at the top of the cover when kept outside for long periods.
  • Unlike many kayak covers that claim to be waterproof but usually aren’t. This company clearly states that the product is not waterproof:
  • The cover repels water like an umbrella, it isn’t waterproof. For long periods, pooling and collecting water in the center of the cover may result in water flowing through the cover.
  • The best way to store your kayak and to prevent water lodging is on its side or upside down is to deflect water off the cover.

This is a fantastic option if one is looking for a kayak cover that comes with a guarantee. As the company is located in Boston, MA, they provide a 3 month, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. This, alongside their highly hospitable and helpful customer service, makes the after-sales services of this cover a sure winner.

Advanced Elements Kayak Cover

advanced elements kayak cover

Check Advanced Elements Kayak Cover on Amazon

The Advanced Elements Kayak Storage Cover is just what the doctor ordered to keep one’s kayak clean and looking great!

Made of UV-resistant 600 denier polyester
This durable nylon cover is enough protection against nature’s harshest elements. Be it rain, wind, sun, dust or grime- this cover will protect your most prized possession from it all!

Key Features:

  • Available in an extremely user-friendly roll-and-clip closure which allows several kayak length changes, so no matter what size kayak you’re using, you are not likely to experience any issues. This cover is convenient and easy to use and comes in medium and large sizes.
  • You’re going to want to make sure you’ve got the Advanced Elements Kayak Storage Cover, whether you’re planning to store your kayak for your next big run or just saving it until the mood strikes again.
    Its best feature is that it is made from a tough and heavy-duty material that is perfect for people looking to store for their kayak outdoors for considerably long periods.

Things to look out for:

  • The only issue users faced with this cover is that there was a lack of attached single straps across the bag. There may be a need to purchase separate straps; you can tie down the loose areas of the bag since the bag is rectangular and does not come with tightening straps between the bow and the stern.
  • The center is likely okay, but only if you use a proper kayak rack.
    Another issue was that they do not make covers for 16-17ft kayaks.

Overall, if you want one of the best kayak covers at a price that could well be a bargain, it’s worth considering this product. There’s a lot to love about this cover, from its features to the affordability aspect.

Hydra Creek Kayak Cover

hydra creek kayak cover

Check Hydra Creek Kayak Cover on Amazon

With 4 very convenient sizing options, coming in the last place is the Hydra Creek Kayak Cover. Its superior design incorporates several ways to protect your kayak.

  • To avoid bugs, spiders, and rodents from reaching, an adjustable, elastic band holds the cover tight to your kayak.
  • 4 Bands at the bottom protect the elastic band and keep the wind from blowing off your cover.
  • Two belts on top to keep water from pooling even during the worst rainstorms in your cockpit.

Key Features:

  • It has in place quality components, such as the durable Oxford fabric that fights the sun’s harmful rays, which can discolor your kayak.
  • The company also provides a lifetime warranty of these components, if a user is dissatisfied with the performance of any of Hydra Creek’s products, they can easily get them replaced through the company’s helpline and customer service.

Things to consider:

  • Even though this cover does provide the standard UV resistance and waterproof qualities, the company advises users to not expose the cover to extreme sunshine for a long time. If one does, it may not be able to give adequate protection and will be subjected to wear and tear.
  • Similarly, some users mentioned that this cover was not as suitable during transportation, as during simple storage. This is because its thin fabric meant it would flap around in the wind and eventually tear.

4 sizing options: 6′ 6″ – 9′ 10″, 9′ 11″ – 12′ 5″, 12′ 6″ – 14′ 9″, and 14′ 10″ – 16′ 8″

Lastly, this is a cover that does the job while being extremely inexpensive. A top contender if you want one of the best kayak covers in the market.

We hope that this article helped you in finding the perfect cover for your kayak. Let us know if you bought one from our list and how was your experience with it? We would love to update this article with your feedback.

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