Best Drones for Kids 2021

Flying drones are a new and exciting way to get your adrenaline pumping. These flying drones provide children an exhilarating experience, one that used to be for adults only! There are now easy-to-use features designed especially with little hands in mind as well as lower price points too. Whether they have an interest in flying toy planes or even photography adventures, this makes the perfect gift no matter what occasion it is for them!

 Top 10 Best Drones for Kids

Kids’ drones are some of the most popular gadgets for children. They can be found in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes depending on your age or skill level. For kids just learning to fly an RC drone, it is important that they have control systems as well as stability features so crashes won’t happen often! The best way to find the perfect drone for your child is by listening and considering their thoughts on drones. Get your hands on the best drone for children with these picks from reputable brands.

Things to consider before buying Drones for Kids

Learning to pilot a drone can be challenging for anyone, but it’s especially tough if you are flying one of the many drones that are marketed as “beginner-friendly.” That said, there are some features that make this easier: built-in stabilization ensures smoother flight and greater confidence while a single button takes off or landing tackles two tricky maneuvers. Many beginner models also feature altitude hold mode; when activated by pressing one key on your remote controller device, this function makes sure that the aircraft stays afloat even without holding down any buttons. And finally, the headless mode allows easy control no matter where the front end faces with all directions being equal orientations – perfect for younger pilots!

Choosing a drone for kids is not as easy of a decision to make. There are hundreds of drones that offer different features and quality, which means it can be hard to find the best one for your child or students without doing some research first. In this guide, we will explore all the available options so you know what kind of kid’s drone would work well with their skill level. Kids love remote-controlled toys because they get an opportunity like no other – having control over something in another place! But while there are many small models around today designed specifically for children age 13+, these flying machines may still pose too much danger if they’re operated incorrectly by adults who don’t understand how complicated setting up controls are.

Do you want to let your child fly their drone outdoors? If so, I recommend a larger model like the ones we have featured in our best cheap drones guide. You’ll also need to register for Pilot ID and Flyer ID before beginning outdoor flight; however, none of these models require CAA registration! It’s easy–simply take it out of the box and start flying straightaway.

Also, we recommend looking for the following features before purchasing:

  • Altitude hold keeps the drone at a stable height even when you let go of the controls. This makes it easier to fly and avoids crashes.
  • Propeller guards prevent any finger injuries during takeoff or landing, keeping your child’s fingers safe.
  • Cameras can capture awesome images from the flight with some models that sync to smartphones directly.

Top 10 Best Drones for Kids 2021


drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Easy to fly A bit flimsy
Excellent camera
Reasonably priced

Best Video Drone

The Potensic A20W drone is an excellent choice for kids who are interested in aerial videography. This palm-sized device can be flown either headless or with the orientation of its sensors, which makes it easier to fly. It also comes equipped with a waypoint flight route function and gravity induction features that help keep it stable on even more difficult terrain.

The A20W is a drone for kids. It requires an app and helps from your smartphone to see what the camera sees in real-time, but it’s designed with children in mind – so there are no worries about registration or height limits! The video quality isn’t fantastic (it looks like 480p), but this small detail won’t deter budding filmmakers who want to learn more about framing shots while they use their imagination. With two batteries included that provide around 12 minutes of flight each, you’ll be able to take on any terrain without worrying whether you have enough power left thanks to its indoor classification; perfect if you’re teaching little ones how drones work.


drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Gesture controlled Short flight time
Easy to use Flimsy build quality
Collision barriers

Best Drone for 10-year-olds

The WALLE kids drone is the perfect choice for those who want to have fun this season. Gone are fiddly remotes and complicated control panels that take time just to figure out how they work, replaced instead by gesture controls with motion sensors embedded on an exterior shell around its edges. This means you don’t need any sort of remote or hand controller – simply toss it into the air, then use your hands as if you were actually flying a plane! With simple tilting motions upwards or downwards controlling height and left/right movements influencing direction (think airplane steering), children can learn about aeronautics without even realizing it because their whole experience will be based upon sending off drones from 30 feet up!

3) Holyton HT02 Mini Drone

drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Safety cage The camera is not great
Controller-case combination
Low range

Best Drone for 10-Year-Olds

The Holy Stone HS410 Mini Drone is a perfect toy for kids and beginners. It’s easy to control, can fly in all directions with its four propeller blades that are powered by 2 motors each, has an HD camera so you can take videos from the sky yourself, and even functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot so you don’t need any more devices to enjoy this on your phone or tablet!

The Holy Stone HS410 mini drone makes it easier than ever before for children of all ages to get their first taste of flying drones – safely without risk of injury at such low heights. The device features two powerful rotors which provide 4 times the power required compared with other quadcopter models making air time super smooth.

The Holy Stone HS410 Mini Drone is the perfect drone for newcomers to drones and kids who want a safe, easy-to-fly quadcopter. The durable frame protects sensitive parts like rotors from accidental collisions and absorbs shock when it falls off of surfaces such as balconies or asphalt, but don’t worry about damaging your home because this device has an altitude hold capability that keeps you hovering at one height until you’re ready! With 360° degree flips in 4 directions, every pilot will feel confident flying indoors or outdoors no matter what their skill level may be.


drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Easy to fly Long charge time
Advanced stabilization
Headless Mode

Best Drone for Beginners

If you’re just starting out with flying drones, the Holy Stone HS210 Kids Mini Drone might be a perfect option for your first mini drone. This mode has some great features that make it easy to fly and fun at the same time! The headless feature means left on the controller is always left on the drone no matter which direction it’s facing. It also has an altitude hold function so even if there are high winds or other outside forces affecting flight stability this will keep your craft steady in place (and not falling from sky-high heights!). Plus, after mastering control of one side of their battery-powered remote they can switch over to 3D flips as well – giving them more ways than ever before to have fun while practicing skills.

When kids start flying drones, they often have trouble with controlling the device. This Holy Stone HS210 Kids Mini Drone fixes this problem by making left on a controller always means left for the drone regardless of which direction it is facing! This drone also has altitude hold and distinct modes such as 3D flip. This makes it an amazing choice for new pilots who want to learn how to fly safely.


drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Effortlessly portable Really short flight time
Built-in stabilization system
Fast charging time

Best Drone for 12-Year-Olds

Hubsan’s tiny, lightweight Q4 SE Nano drone is perfect for indoor use. The quadcopter can be stored inside the controller and flips and rolls are easy to perform when you push down on the throttle stick. Flight time may only last three minutes but it charges quickly in 30 minutes so you’ll continue flying easily!

If space is an issue and your little one wants to fly indoors just use Hubsan’s tiny, lightweight Q4 SE Nano drone. The quadcopter can be stowed within the controller itself making it a neat package that you’re going to love using because of how easy it is for controlling this pocket-sized flyer with 6 axis stabilization system keeping them stable in flight while flip and roll maneuvers are performed easily by pushing down on the controller’s throttle stick without fear of crashing!

6) Parrot Airborne Night MiniDrone Maclane 

drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Night flight features Pricey
One button tricks
Freefall mode

Best Drone for 10-Year-Olds

A remote-controlled vehicle that is not like any other. The Parrot Airborne Night Drone Maclane has built-in lights to guide the way in dark and night conditions, as well as an ultrasonic system for precision flying at all times of the day. This compact drone features plenty of fun functions including flips, rolls, and somersaults – making it perfect for thrill-seekers everywhere!

The Night Drone by Parrot is the perfect toy for all of those who enjoy playing with drones. It features a built-in camera so your kids can capture selfies or replay their flying acrobatics, and it also comes equipped with an engine cut feature that lets you restart in midflight; giving pilots more control over where they want to go. In addition, this particular drone has been engineered specifically for indoor play without any compromises on stability – which means even adults will be able to master flight quicker than ever before!


drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Easy to fly Pricey
Performs cool stunts
Fly indoors or out

Best Video Drone

The Joygeek Mini Drone is one of the smallest UAVs on this list. It is portable and won’t falter, even in extreme winds. To make life easier for newbie pilots, only a single button push is required to bring the drone into land with its built-in positioning system ensuring stability when flying–making control that much simpler than your average toy quadcopter.

There are also high-speed modes for those who’ve mastered basic controls as well four 3D flip stunts waiting patiently once you feel confident enough!

8) RED5 Motion Controlled Drone

drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Easy to hold Not a sturdy design
Automatic hover
Prop guards are less protective than some

Best Mini Drone

The RED5 Motion Controlled Drone is unbelievably easy to operate, it’s easy to understand why (perhaps a little optimistically) the box suggests an 18-month old could fly it. Supervision is very important, just like any other drone.

The actual flight experience itself – just hold your controller and you’re good! However, intervention may be needed when charging because connecting fiddly connectors can be difficult without some life experiences under one’s belt.

9) Ryze Tello

drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Quality components, including camera
Prop guards Doesn’t have all the coding features of the Ryze Tello EDU
Up to 100m range

Best Video Drone

The Tello is a great new drone for kids. It shares many of the same features as DJI, which means you’re getting top-quality and smarts with this purchase. The camera offers five megapixel still images or 720P video — that’s about as good quality as it gets in these products!

Naturally, flips and tricks make an appearance so friends can be wowed by your aerial skills – plus “EZ” shots if needed. Perhaps most impressive though is its educational value: not only does it work with Scratch blocks but also includes compatibility with coding languages like Python/Matlab.

10) DJI Mini 2

drone for kids

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Pros Cons
Pro-level camera options
Not built for too much rough & tumble
Good quality components
Sturdy design

Best Video Drone

The Mavic Mini is an amazing choice for older kids who love drones and also photography. It’s an even more appealing option at the moment if you can find it on sale because DJI just released their newest drone- which has some added features that make this model obsolete overnight!

Not only this, the Mavic Mini is a great, affordable gift for any drone enthusiast kids. This quadcopter comes with all the necessary equipment to fly in both indoors and outdoors settings—including an assortment of accessories like stencils that you can use to draw on your own design or hover messages up high for someone else’s viewing pleasure!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How hard is it to learn how to fly a drone?

Surprisingly, it may be far easier for your child to learn to operate the drone than for you! Kids are often natural pilots due to their familiarity with video games, computers, and other devices. Most small drones are powered by batteries and can be operated using a gamepad-type remote controller. Still, flying a drone successfully will demand some practice—and some patience.

What if the neighbors complain about my kid flying his drone?

A common concern for parents is how their neighbors might feel about their kids using a drone in their neighborhood. It’s a good idea to alert your neighbors of the new flying contraption, particularly if there haven’t previously been drones in the area. Teach your children to be respectful and to avoid flying directly over neighbors’ properties. Just fly over the street or your own house. Your neighbors will likely not mind the drone so long as it is kept at a safe and respectful distance. In fact, the neighbors may even come over to see the UAV in action!


The sky is the limit when it comes to flying drones with kids. But, not all are created equal! To make sure you’re buying a drone that has what your child needs and can handle, be sure to read this article thoroughly before purchasing one for yourself or them.

Are you ready? Are they? And how about their safety too?! With some learning, practice, patience, and of course parental supervision only then will these magical machines have hours of happy fun in store for each kid who flies one- so let’s get going!

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