Best Bike Phone Mount 2021

Looking for a secure and reliable method to mount your smartphone on your bicycle? Then you’re on the right page. Whether you’re an iPhone or Android phone user, let us help you find the best phone mount to complete all your bicycling needs!

Why do you need a phone mount?

Phone mounts are great not only because they solve the hassle of having to adjust your phone in your pocket, but they also offer a variety of incredible additional features. Your phone mount is essentially a purpose-designed unit that will be able to intelligently track training metrics, advise you when you step outside of a ‘training zone’, and allow you to upload and follow sessions as you go. Thanks to a host of clever cycling apps, all of this can be managed by a smartphone. You can simply benefit from mapping and tracking rides by using your smartphone with a bike phone mount! All mounts are not made equal – and there’s a host of different styles – each with their pros and cons. Continue reading to find out all the different options we have laid out for you!

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Important Features to Consider on Bike Phone Mounts

Ease of Access

The most important consideration for most people when buying a bike mount is how easy it is to access the phone when you stop riding. If you want to quickly snap a photo, every second count or your subject may have already passed you. Phones with locking mechanisms performed the best here.


Selecting a bike phone mount greatly depends on the type of cycling you engage in. For smooth rides, you might want to go for flexible phone mounts that rotate 360 degrees and allow angle adjustments. But for rocky terrain, cyclists might prefer a stable mount that does not move at all. It depends on your personal preference. But keep in mind that flexible design generally features ball and socket joints, which need frequent checking and tightening.

Quick Installation and Release

There’s nothing more impressive than a bike mount that’s easy to install and remove. Every rider would want a bike phone mount that’s easy to attach and doesn’t demand to assemble parts. So, look for a mount that comes already assembled and requires minimal tools for installation. Just like quick installation, your best bike phone mount must also allow immediate release of mobile. Few bike mounts in this review come with a “Quick release” button; all you need to do is press it, and the phone will be released in no time.

Stability Across Different Terrain

Some phone mounts only feature adjustable side clamps with foam fillers. While few others additionally provide silicone nets for extra protection. Side clamp will provide a two-point grip to your phone, but silicone net secures over your phone at all 4 corners and provides a six-point grip altogether with a clamp. The latter one is more strong, secure, and reliable, especially for rough terrain rides.

Weather Resistance and Durability

High-end bike mounts are made from steel or aluminum bodies, boasting excellent durability.  As for average bike mounts, most of them feature a hard-plastic frame that can last for up to a year or two. If you’re unwilling to compromise with durability, you can opt for steel-made, high-priced models. But for infrequent rides, you can go for hard plastic mounts as they are durable as well. Another advantage of hard plastic bike mounts is that they are lightweight, waterproof, and won’t rust when they get wet. Overexposure to bad weather elements can cause poor-quality bike mounts to degrade in no time, especially those made from rubber materials. The Best bike phone mount is the one that can withstand little puddle jumps, slight drizzle, or humid weather. Look for bike mounts made from waterproof hard plastic bodies, featuring strong silicone bands.

Handlebar Diameter 

Most of the bike phone mounts are installed onto the handlebars of your bike. To get a precise fit, you need to make sure the mount is of the correct size. Regular bikes and mountain bikes have handlebars from 1” up to 1.25” diameter. Almost all bike mounts will fit these standard diameters, but always make sure to check the size before buying.

Phone Compatibility

Universal mounts are desirable to choose, as they will fit most of the devices, be it small or large. This is especially great for buyers who keep changing their phone models. Make sure you check the maximum width the mount can fit. Most of them only widen up to 3.5”. All of the bike mounts mentioned in this review are Universal brackets that will fit most iPhone and Android devices.

Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mount 2021

1) Nite Ize WraptorNite Ize Wraptor

Check Nite Ize Wraptor on Amazon

Pros Cons
Comfortable Not the best shock absorption over very difficult terrain
Wide-Range Fit  
Horizontal and Vertical Viewing   
Small size, easy to carry  

Key Features:

The Nite Ize Wraptor provides a simple, well-designed solution for riders who want to be able to mount their phone on their own bike or a bike-share bike, and who generally ride on smooth, paved roads. It offers you a rotating universal smartphone mount that rotates a full 360 degrees so you can easily view your smartphone in portrait or landscape or anywhere in between. The silicone straps that attach the phone to mount and mount to bike feel much sturdier than those of other, similar mounts keeping your phone tight and secure even over rough terrain. The unique silicone harness holds phones, with or without a case, securely while also allowing you to see and access the entire screen for easy access to all your maps and apps. Since the straps fit phones of all sizes, and they don’t get in the way of the phone’s screen offering you great edge-to-edge screen visibility.

The Wraptor fits handlebars of all sizes and is a cinch to install and remove. The Universal mounting strap is compatible with most handlebars, stroller handles, grocery carts, and more. The durable silicone wristwatch style mount allows mounting on both handlebars, stems, and more. This tool-free mounting strap is simple to attach, holds secure, and allows quick removal for security purposes. It also comes with Worry-Free Guarantee. 

Our Verdict:

The Nite Ize Wraptor proves itself to be an easy-to-use phone mount for bikes with great viewing and track to accompany you on your biking adventures.

2) VUP Silicone MountBike Phone Mount

Check VUP Silicone Mount on Amazon

Pros Cons
Easily rotates for different orientations Can’t remove the phone quickly and with one hand
Inexpensive and fast to swap between bikes Not all the screen is left available to use
Fits nearly any phone  

Key Features:

This bike phone mount is a tremendous value that boasts some advantages over the Ailun Silicone Strap. The ability to rotate means you can place it on the stem or handlebar (the Ailun works on the handlebar in portrait mode). It cradles larger phones better than the Ailun to offer wide compatibility. The tough and stretchy silicone bands enable the phone holder to flexibly stretch to fit all 4.0″-6.5″ phones. Getting this bike smartphone mount means that you get to keep your current case and don’t have to swap between phone-specific options. This case performed shockingly well on rough pavement and the bumpiest mountain rides. It is also surprisingly durable, just tighten the silicone buckle on the handlebar, no matter what the terrain, it will firmly grip your handlebar and stay stable without shaking, also easily removable.

This superior protection is because the bike phone holder adopts a one-piece design, complex polishing manufacturing process, and meticulous assembly to ensure functional stability. In addition, a built-in shock-absorbing silicone pad to effectively prevent the phone from colliding. Compared with plastic or metal mounts, soft silicone won’t cause any damage to your valuable phone. The latest advanced humanized design, with the curved silicone bands that never block the face ID, light sensor, home button, and finger sensor, suitable for all screens. In addition, a 360° rotatable cell phone holder allows you to rotate the phone for your desired viewing angle.

Our Verdict:

This is one of the best bike smartphone mounts because of its universal fit, and simple yet effective design.

3) Morpheus Labs M4sMORPHEUS LABS M4s

Check Morpheus Labs M4s on Amazon

Pros Cons
Fastest to mount on and off the bar No Android compatibility
The case works with other magnetic mounts Hard to get in and out of the case
Fast to swap between bikes Larger iPhone jiggle on bumpy terrain
Very slim case Hard to center mount on the bike

Key Features:

The Morpheus Labs M4s is one of our top picks as a bike mounts for iPhones, but it’s also the least expensive option with decent one-hand operability. It’s a good bit cheaper than the Quad Lock Out Front Mount while being much easier to switch between bikes. The case is the slimmest we tested and not much thicker than a standard protective case. This impressive feat, combined with the presence of a built-in magnet, prompted one tester to make it their everyday case, not just a bike-riding convenience. The extremely slim case can be connected to the mount blindingly easily with just one hand. The patented magnetic lock aligns and tightens automatically docking safely on the handlebar. Morpheus does sell their CarMount, but just about any “air vent” mount will work. The Morpheus Labs M4s is secure and never loosened, even on a 130-mile punishing mountain bike ride. It’s relatively fast and easy to swap between bikes and bars, and it doesn’t require any tools to do so. Most competing cases require an Allen wrench to install.

Our Verdict:

The Morpheus Labs M4s is the best iPhone bike mount available. It has a phone case with a very nice fit and feels, but its lip is lower than the 1 mm minimum which is the optimum recommendation by Apple for screen protection. You need no tools to install the base, and the whole thing is extremely stable while riding, as long as you tighten the thumbscrew well

4) Quad Lock Out Front Mount

Quad Lock Out Front Bike Mount

Check Quad Lock Mount on Amazon

Pros Cons
Secure Mounting No magnet and expensive
Quick to Attach/Detach Doesn’t fit all bars, tricky to install
Stylish and low profile Bike mount requires zip ties, hard to move
Weatherproof and secure for mountain biking  

Key Features:

The Quad Lock Out Front Mount is the sleekest mount for both style and wind drag. It’s fast to get on and off if you want to remove your phone or take a quick photo. The Out-Front Mount, which is made of glass-filled nylon, clamps onto 31.8 mm handlebars with a single Allen bolt; it comes with a hex wrench as well as the rubber shims to fit 22 mm and 25.4 mm bars. Depending on your bar size the case can be effortless to center the mount on your bars. It offers two options for how to attach it to your bike. The Out-Front Mount (reviewed here) and or the Handlebar/Stem Mount. The Handlebar/Stem Mount required zip ties once the included rubber bands broke, and these zip ties can loosen over time. The Out-Front Mount is sleeker but does not fit all bar widths. If it does fit, it’s plenty secure for mountain biking and rocky terrain.

Our Verdict:

This mount is lightweight and features a dual-stage lock to maintain security, and the protective case is slim and comfortable in your hand. It’s also a great value as the package includes the mount and hardware, the case, and a weather-resistant poncho.

5) Ubegood Phone BagUBEGOOD Bicycle Phone Bags

Check Ubegood Phone Bag on Amazon

Pros Cons
Larger Space for Storage Poor control of touchscreen
Cheap Puts bulk on your bars
Stable-made to make rides easier and safer No speedy access to photos
Easy to Install   

Key Features:

The Ubegood Phone Bag offers a premium waterproof design since it is made of durable material with a splash-proof function, well-built stitching, and a strong sealed watertight zipper that almost disappears. This waterproof bicycle handlebar bag can protect your items from rain and water in rainy and extreme environments. A pretty great partner for long bike rides. The cycling frame bag with a bigger compartment underneath the phone has lots of room to hold your keys, wallet, USB cable, power bank, gels, pump, and repair kits. Helps for storage when needed extra space for long rides.

The bike phone mount adopts the latest 0.03 mm transparent TPU touch screen, a highly sensitive film window helps you operate phones freely and respond ultra-fast. Interesting addition features include a Hidden Earphone Hole to let you go through the beautiful music world while riding, a Sun Visor on the top makes it easy to watch the phone screen clearly on a sunny or rainy day, and a High-light Reflective Strip to provide a warning effect and safer for night riding to avoid accident You can do simple attachment by just tying the 3 Velcro straps with the bike stem and frame, then quickly attach and remove the frame bag in seconds. With triple strong adjustable Velcro fixed, the bike front frame bags are stable and non-slip even on rough mountain roads. Fits for most bikes.

Our Verdict:

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and like to go for bike rides. This might be an all-around affordable bike front frame bag for you. 

6) Timbuk2 Goody BoxTimbuk2 Goody Box 2013

Check Timbuk2 Goody Box on Amazon

Pros Cons
Bike holster for your smartphone and daily items Susceptible to wear and tear
Attaches to the top tube of your favorite bike You might hit your knees with it while riding
Multiple slots for credit cards and IDs and a transparent cover for using touchscreen devices Not ideal for biking over rough terrains
Main compartment for pocket-sized items  

Key Features:

This top tube bag (it is indeed a box) does something innovative. It provides a place for plenty of storage, like most top tube bags, but is also built with a slipcover for your smartphone. The Goody Box secures to the top tube of your favorite city cruiser or road bike, making it a great choice for viewing step-by-step directions without pulling out your phone. Once tucked safely in the pocket, your phone can be accessible for such operations as navigation or viewing texts. The inside not only offers plenty of space for your keys and other personal belongings but also a means of organizing it, including multiple pockets for credit cards and Ids. Also, there’s a roomy compartment underneath the phone holster for tossing your keys, spare cash, and pocket-sized items. The Timbuk2 Goody Box attaches to the top tube and head tube via three strong Velcro straps.

Our Verdict:

Very handy and useful for an everyday urban commute that ensures the safety and protection of your phone and other handy personal belongings. 

7) Tigra FitClic NeoFitClic Neo Self-Locking Magnetic Bike Mounting System

Check Tigra FitClic Neo on Amazon

Pros Cons
Very secure on bumpy terrain Slow installation that requires Allen key
Simple one-handed operation Not great for everyday use with a bulky case
Works on a wide variety of bar widths  
Powerful magnet that firmly latches on  

Key Features:

The Tigra FitClic Neo is our top choice if you are mainly concerned with one-handed operation and durability. The powerful magnet sucks it onto your bar as soon as you are within a quarter inch. The release mechanism has a small learning curve but then it becomes one of the easiest to use. It’s the fastest and easiest phone to take on and off for photos. The case is super burly, and it comes with an optional screen to provide weather resistance. This mount securely attaches with a wider range of options than any other.

This case requires an Allen key to install and it’s fairly slow to transfer from bike to bike. There is a way to install it with just rubber bands, but the attachment becomes much less secure, which harms its performance on bumpy terrain — the main advantage of this case.

Our Verdict:

Most people will find it too bulky for everyday use, and while the case has a magnet, it did not work well on car mounts. This case is best for people who regularly ride bumpy terrain.

8) Ailun Silicone StrapAilun Motorcycle Mountain Bike Phone Mount

Check Ailun Silicone Strap on Amazon

Pros Cons
Works with any size phone Not the highest durability
Inexpensive and lightweight It takes a little time to secure larger phones
Attaches to any 0.5-2″ bar, including shopping carts Limited mounting orientations
Fast and easy to switch between bikes  

Key Features:

The Ailun Silicone Strap offers a universally compatible design for small and large bike handlebars. Its wide compatibility holds tight for all smartphones with screen sizes Between 4 inches and 6 inches. The bike phone mount is made with super-strong silicone, dirt-resistance, and washable and the soft silicone will never scratch or damage your phone.

Non-Slip silicone can absorb all shocks, so it grips your devices firmly and makes your devices stay safe and secure on the bike or baby stroller. It is also fairly easy to use, all you have to do is a loop around the mount and insert the tab into the hole that holds onto the handlebar the tightest, and there are 8 adjustment loops.

Our Verdict:

The Ailun Silicone Strap is one of the least expensive bike phone mounts you can put on your bicycle, and yet it performs well. For many people, this may be an adequate solution for a fraction of the cost of the other mounts. It’s simple to swap between bikes and requires no tools. It stays close to your bar, unlike the Roam Universal model that sticks way up and is quite bulky. Models like the Roam loosened up on bumpy terrain, but the Ailun stayed solid.

9) Rokform Pro Series MountRokform Pro Series

Check Rokform Pro Series on Amazon

Pros Cons
The mount is very durable and light Not waterproof
Adjustable Viewing Angle  
Sturdy locking system  
Good over rough terrains  

Key Features:

This phone mount from Rokform is highly compact – probably the size of your thumb. It also stands out for having a clever mounting system. Instead of attaching it onto the handlebars or stem, you affix it to the steering tube. First, you remove the cap of your bike stem and then screw the mount in place. Tighten the screw and you’ll have a super-tight mount. The whole thing takes about 1.5 minutes. The body is constructed from durable 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum making it supremely durable and lightweight. Its top is an aluminum lock with 4 lugs that fit nicely with the recession on the given phone case (RokLock). You connect the mount to the phone and then turn around at an angle of 45 degrees and it’s all done.

There is also a built-in magnet embedded in the rubber pad to prevent the phone from twisting off the mount (Twist Lock). At the bottom of the mount is a steer tube that tilts the phone from – 20 to + 55 degrees.

Our Verdict:

The Rokform Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Bike Mount allow you to take your Smartphone on your next ride with you. With the ultra-light superior aluminum constructed smartphone bike mount, you can be confident your phone will stay in place no matter how hard you ride.

10) Quad Lock Universal Phone Mount

Quad Lock Universal Bike Mount Kit

Check Quad Lock Universal on Amazon

Pros Cons
Easy installation Not waterproof

Key Features:

This model is very similar to Quad Lock iPhone mount except for its Universal Adaptor featuring a phone adherence system that uses an Adhesive instead of a phone case with a circular recession. The mounting plate (Universal Adaptor) works like a magnet that sticks to the back of your phone. It uses 3M VHB tape that adheres well to hard materials. I suggest you buy a skin case before attaching the plate to protect your phone from scratches. Beware of materials that don’t bond well with 3M VHB tape including rubber, leather, TPU, silicon, and polypropylene and avoid purchasing cases made from them. Another thing to remember is that 3M VHB tape is a powerful adhesive, therefore you need to you’ve located the exact spot before placing it down. You can’t move it around after that. Next is the bike mount. It attaches well to your bike stem (but also handlebars and other places) via O-rings. The underside is curved and made from rubber to prevent the mount from moving around or slipping off.

To connect your phone to the mount, you simply place your phone at a 45-degree angle and then press it onto the mount. Rotate it until you hear a ‘click’ sound. To remove it, you push down on the blue-collar and rotate in the other direction

Our Verdict:

Quad Lock’s Universal Phone Mount takes the minimalist vibe of their iPhone mount and makes it accessible for all types of phones. It’s lightweight and robust, and the adapter attaches to the back of your phone without requiring a separate case. The twist-and-lock system ensures your phone is secure, but it’s also easy to access in a snap. If you’re after a sleek and minimalistic phone mount, the Quad Lock might be the one for you.

Types of Bike Phone Mounts

In general, there are 3 types of bike phone mounts. The type of mount you’ll need depends largely on your phone model and where you want to mount it; the stem or handlebars.

1) Case Mounts

Key Features:

These mounts are phone model specific. So, if you’ve got an iPhone then you’ll likely need an iPhone case, the same goes for a Samsung Galaxy. They’re usually available for the popular phone models.

Pros Cons
You can remove your phone from the bike in a snap, but a case still protects it. They’re usually made of durable, reinforced cases You have no control over the styling or the functionality of the case itself, which may mean switching cases when you get to your destination

2) Universal Mounts

Key Features:

A universal mount answers the needs of other phone users who may not have one of the most popular or newest types of phones. If you want an easy-to-use to mount your phone that isn’t restricted to the brand and model, a universal mount is a way to go. Universal phone mounting systems can feature adapters to attach phones to the bike mount, or they can feature a design that just cradles the phone or secures it with webbing

Pros Cons
You have full flexibility and versatility as far as what type of phone you bring along. You don’t have to buy a new bike mount whenever you change your phone As they’re not phone model specific, they may not fit your phone perfectly, depending on the design and the dimensions

3) Universal Frame Bags

Key Features:

The universal frame bag is like a small bike bag that protects your phone against the elements and provides additional storage beyond holding your phone in a transparent bag.
These bags can accommodate many sizes and types of smartphones, and many offer ports so you can plug in while cycling.

Pros Cons
They provide more storage room if you need to carry additional items on a ride, like keys, cash, or other necessities None

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: Is a bike phone mount a good investment?

A smartphone bike mount is a worthy investment for bike commuters or recreational riders who want to have their phone within sight and earshot on their own bikes or on ride-share bikes. It’s also of use to someone who wants to record their rides for fitness purposes but doesn’t need the bells and whistles of a dedicated cycling computer. And, as a former colleague once noted, people do use their phones for music (and other things) during rides, despite the risks of doing so, and it’s a lot safer for a rider to use a phone that’s visible and easily accessible than to fumble around with the device in a pocket or bag while speeding down the road.

Q: How to attach the phone to a bike?

You have different options. The most common ones include firstly via a Velcro strap, and secondly a mount with a clamp. Velcro straps can fasten onto the top tube, the bike stem, or both. The clamp works via a clip-on mechanism that fits onto the tubes of various sizes and can be fastened using a knob.

Q: Can magnets damage your phone?

A magnet tends to be used to make your phone adhere better to the mount. Usually, they don’t damage your phone. If you worry, you can buy a phone case to prevent scratches.

Q: How secure are the phone mounts?

Generally, phone mounts are very secure.  But as with all things in life, there are chances that it might fail due to 2 main reasons; incorrect installation or if you hit a big bump.

Q: Do I need to buy a new phone mount after changing my phone?

If you’re using a universal phone mount, chances are you won’t need to buy a new mount. But if you’re using a mount specifically for your old phone, you’ll need to get a new one.

Q: Are bike phone mounts waterproof?

Most bike phone mounts are not waterproof, except the universal bike frame bags where you can store your phone inside a sealed, zipper bag. Always check the specifications of your phone to determine whether it’s waterproof, water-resistant, splash resistant, or none at all.


The best bike phone mount is a “must-have” accessory when you’re outfitting your bicycle. You can get quick access to your phone to check riding stats, see GPS maps and so many other things while on the go! Recreational cyclists and even pro bikers are going to love bike phone mounts that keep your phone secure during rides. All of the bike phone mounts mentioned in this review are Universal brackets. They are lightweight, low-profile, super affordable and a breeze to install. If you have the money and use your bike a lot, the locking style cases are the way to go. However, they take some fidgeting and require changing every time your phone changes. For many people, the universal bar mounts are more than adequate. They are super inexpensive, fast to install, light, and low profile. If you need to store things on your bike, the universal cases can be handy, but don’t count on great touchscreen functionality.

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